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African Market Focus 2013 5th - 6th March 2013 South Africa, Johannesburg

Africa is moving towards the dawn of a thriving economy. Tomorrow belongs to companies who keep pace with the new economic momentum, have the foresight and can embrace innovation to match international standards to stay ahead of the competition.

Future Calling?
Visionary companies are making all efforts to identify opportunities and invest in these to reinforce their competitive position as well as growth. This can be achieved by strengthening the foundations and then investing in the future. Banks need to be nimbler in catering to customer demands and managing treasury along with being agile in finance trading to be operationally risk proof.

Innovation as the Enabler
Be it better understanding of customer requirements, delivering products or managing tomes of data resulting from the onslaught of these changes, banks will need to innovate and leverage technology to address these challenges and make the difference that financial institutions seek.

Misys invites you to this exclusive two-day event - the first ever customer forum in Africa - where industry leaders, financial experts, and product managers will all come together to plan, ideate, brainstorm and give insights on what these changes in economic environment can mean to you and how you can capitalize on them while contributing to a stronger economy.
Choose to attend either one or both days of the event
This event is a platform where greater insights, broader thinking and future-proof strategies will help today's banks and financial institutions in creating stronger foundations, innovating for competitive advantage and emerging as true market movers.

Misys Market Focus 2013, The Westcliff Hotel Johannesburg

5th March 2013:
An overview of the current African economy along with the opportunities to be successful as well as profitable from one of the world's fastest growing major economies.

6th March 2013
An in-depth review of how innovation can help you prepare for success and future proof it.

Why you should attend the event:
• To have an opportunity to meet the leading executives and learn about the new customer support structure.
• To hear industry leaders talk about the future of the African economy; the opportunities and challenges we need to be prepared for.
• To have 1-to-1 sessions with industry experts towards preparations for the new world of finance.

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