Live Deutsche Bank & Misys webinar: Conquer lending disruption - how can banks lead the Crowd?

21st March 2017 14:00 GMT - 21st March 2017 15:00 GMT
Online Meeting

Independent P2P lenders, a massive SME funding gap, and the need to hinder the loss of further loan volume, force banks to tackle agile, innovative strategies to regain their business. In the last years, online marketplace lenders were leading the way to bridge the $2 trillion funding gap for millions of SMEs seeking credit to grow their business.

But what are the strategic options for banks to enter the crowdlending market and to provide sufficient funding to individuals and businesses of all sizes? Do banks have the power to connect breakthrough, in-house crowdlending with their existing, traditional credit processes?

Join the live Misys & Deutsche Bank webinar on the topic ‘Conquer lending disruption – how can banks lead the Crowd?’ and learn more about how banks can lend outside of their credit policy, diversify risk among the crowd of investors, and lead the market with a digital, disruptive offering in lending.

What to Expect

-              The latest global developments and innovations in the crowdlending industry

-              The true potential of crowdlending and how banks can conquer and lead  the market

-              Growing lending business and plugging the SME gap

-              Conquering lending  disruption with an in-house crowdlending solution



-              Orcun Kaya, Economist, Deutsche Bank Research

-              Jean Cedric Jollant, Product Manager, FusionBanking CrowdLending, Misys