MiFID II - the price of compliance

31st May 2017 12:00 BST - 31st May 2017 14:00 BST

How much is it worth paying to restore trust in banks and financial markets? Some estimate that the implementation of MiFID II to cost banks over USD 1billion by the time of its January 2018 deadline and a lot more to maintain and deliver. In return regulators expect to see transparency and investor protection strengthened to prevent a recurrence of the market turmoil that occurred in 2008.

What to Expect

Apart from forcing more of the complex derivatives to be settled through exchanges rather than between banks and brokers, there will be stricter rules around best execution and the separation of payments for research by fund managers from their commissions.

  • What are the biggest challenges?
  • How will banks have to respond to ensure compliance with the new rules?
  • How to approach and implement new data standards
  • How can technology help with the new regulatory requirements?

Join us for a complimentary webinar as we discuss MiFID II trade and transaction reporting and how best to use technology to create efficient and compliant operations.