Don't be a victim of the next pricing glitch

IBOR: take ownership of your pricing strategy

You will probably have seen a high-profile news story recently where a computer glitch impacted almost 50 fund companies by preventing them from providing accurate values for their holdings.

Download the IBOR solution insight to discover how Misys FusionInvest allows you to take control of your investment book of record, as well as your pricing and valuation strategy. FusionInvest’s IBOR provides all buy-side participants with full business transparency and visibility in case your third-party service providers put you in the dark.

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With an Investment Book of Record (IBOR), Fund Managers can maintain control over their fund valuation, positions and trades. Why is this important? In the traditional operating model, front-office systems rely on updates from back-office/accounting systems regarding the fund valuation, positions on markets and OTC trade confirmations. When problems happen, portfolio managers have to wait for these updates to come in.

However as we know, problems do inevitably happen, for instance natural disasters, software malfunctions, global network/electricity outages etc. and it is precisely when such catastrophic events occur that markets are volatile and portfolio managers cannot afford to wait. Having their hands tied with a system that is not updating gives them poor visibility of the situation, which can be very costly to firms.

With the IBOR in Misys FusionInvest, our customers do not have to wait for fund accounting updates. The IBOR is able to update positions factoring in back-office events, corporate actions and performance accounting aspects such as valuation. Clearly an IBOR does not replace the need for a fund accounting system nor does it require the same amount of work and operations but it has enough functionality to maintain operations for a number of days or even weeks in the event of a major outage or system failure. Moreover, the integration with fund accounting in FusionInvest is built around the reconciliation engine (trade reconciliation, position reconciliation and NAV reconciliation). This ownership of fund data and control over fund NAV is necessary to ensure consistency from the front office to the back office and is essential to resume operations after disturbing events.

Don’t be a victim of the next computer glitch. Take control with accurate and timely pricing and valuation capabilities. Take the first step towards future-proofing your business today with Misys FusionInvest.