Misys joins the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN)

We are pleased to announce that Misys has joined BIAN, an open association that welcomes banks, software vendors and service providers that conduct business in the banking industry.


Find out from Hans Tesselaar, Executive Director of BIAN, what has been achieved by BIAN since its inception, the importance of member’s contribution to defining the new BIAN shares landscape and what is next. Hear from Simon Paris, President and Chief Sales Officer, why Misys is proud to have joined this community to provide input on industry standards, services levels and definitions, and from Cormac Flanagan, Head of Core Banking Product, what Misys brings to the party in terms of domain expertise.

Banks need a flexible architectural model for the growth of banking services – one that enhances interoperability and reduces integration costs. The BIAN model is a Service Oriented Architecture with consistent service definitions, level of detail and boundaries. This makes it easier to choose and integrate commercially available products of different vendors.

Through its work with member BIAN aims to reduce integration costs, align IT with business objectives and therefore respond quicker to customer needs. BIAN and its members believe that SOA is the best technology for internal and external interfaces to produce consistent definitions, levels of detail and boundaries through collaboration. When combined with industry-agreed IT standards, SOA will ensure interoperability, whereby different IT systems within a bank can work together as seamlessly as possible, without additional time or cost requirements for integration. Source and more information: https://bian.org/