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  • Tweet or become obsolete - banks selling using social media

    Sunday 3rd, August 2014

    I had the opportunity to visit Beirut recently, where I met and addressed senior executives from various banks. It became apparent that many banks are still seeking to understand how best to lever...

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  • 20 Dollar Smartphone - what does it mean for mobile banking?

    Thursday 31st, July 2014

    A couple of weeks ago, I attended the West African Banking Dialogue in Lagos. A key message that I shared in my presentation was arrival of the ultra-low cost smartphone. I cannot emphasise enough...

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  • Reimagining the Branch of Tomorrow

    Monday 30th, June 2014

    It is true that digital banking is fundamentally reshaping the way that we transact. However, for much of the world, digital banking is still taking off. How will branches differentiate themselves...

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  • Play, Win and Show it Off

    Friday 27th, June 2014

    Banks love to win. So do customers. Gamification truly takes off when customers see the real value gamification can give to them.

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  • The truth about PFM

    Tuesday 15th, April 2014

    In its early days PFM (Personal Finance Management) didn't receive much attention from the market. Then, after’s success, PFM was resurrected. Many analysts and digital channel managers be...

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  • Mobile Banking First?

    Tuesday 25th, March 2014

    As more consumers are replacing their personal computers with their phones and tablets to conduct their daily banking activities, focusing on mobile and tablet applications that can support a broad...

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  • Is Social Media a Channel?

    Thursday 6th, March 2014

    I see and hear this a lot nowadays - in presentations and conversations. To be honest, apart from the questionable grammar of the question, I think the answer is pretty simple - NO! But scratch awa...

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  • 30th Anniversary Of Internet Banking: 10 Tips To Stay On Top

    Wednesday 27th, November 2013

    The first Internet banking service was launched by the Nottingham Building Society in 1983. Thirty years on, the face of retail banking is unrecognisable, but banks still need to grasp new technolo...

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  • Gamification Addiction - Will Banks Get Hooked On Dopamine?

    Tuesday 12th, November 2013

    I seem to be finding a lot of articles relating to gamification nowadays. I read this Forbes article recently and it really resonated. It is strange how gaming and entertainment, despite seeming tr...

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  • Skype-hype? Is Now The Time For Video-chat In Banking?

    Friday 8th, November 2013

    I worked on the first web-chat deployment at a high street bank back in 2006. At the time, we were convinced it would deliver us a range of sales and customer satisfaction benefits. And yet, it flo...

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