The Transformation of Risk and the New Financial Landscape

This research report reflects perspectives on changes in the way risk is being managed, invested and transformed throughout the global financial system. This is a result of on-going dialogue with several hundred regulated financial institutions, asset managers (traditional, alternative and hybrid), institutional investors and third-party providers on a global basis.

 This report is a direct follow-up from a 2014 Misys global investment industry initiative, which detailed perspectives on the changing landscape of risk and risk-taking throughout the global financial system. In last year’s research paper, we directly interviewed more than 50 firms (primarily in the U.S., U.K. and Asia). These firms included commercial & investment banks, traditional long-only managers, hedge funds, private equity funds, multi-manager funds (fund of funds), hybrid firms, REITs, pensions, foundations & endowments, insurance companies, and investment consultants.

 In summary, their feedback highlights a number of critical issues and developments in the market and their implications for the global banking and investment management businesses:

(1) the continued global regulatory efforts and its impact on business;

(2) the permanence of central bank intervention and the relative macroeconomic & geopolitical risks; and

(3) the transformation of risk – what does it mean, how global products, risks & capital markets are changing and what is the role of technology in addressing some of these emergent risk issues.

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