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FusionBanking Essence Solution Overview

FusionBanking Essence Solution Overview

Discover more about the new FusionBanking Essence

National Australia Bank Uses FusionBanking Message Manager

NAB worked with Misys to successfully implement Misys Message Manager (MMM) and this has delivered against NAB's key goals.

Dan Roberts from Barclays Bank PLC talks about the growth in Trade Finance

Listen to Dan Roberts from Barclays talk about the challenges that banks are facing and the extent to which they can offer straight through processing and consistent processing experiences to their clients.


Early adopter Rabobank gains first mover advantage and technological edge

Chris Adlard meets with Mark Dodds, Head of Financial Markets Trading Systems at Rabobank to discuss how the bank gained real technological edge by engaging with Misys on the Early Adopter programme.

Would you bank with your bank?

Many banks are simply not capitalizing on the features that are now available in mobile banking. How can we, as an industry, provide the same kind of seamless banking experience to our clients?

Global Investor - Navigating Uncertain Waters

Flexibility and transparency are the two most important factors for investment managers to employ to navigate the current wave of economic and political uncertainty, writes Misys’ Jay Mukhey.

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FusionRisk Software Overview

FusionRisk Software Overview

Read more information about FusionRisk

FusionBanking Financial Supply Chain Management

FusionBanking Financial Supply Chain Management

Unify traditional trade with supply chain finance to gain a competitive edge

FusionBanking Trade Services Solution Insight

FusionBanking Trade Services Solution Insight

Read more information about FusionBanking Trade Services

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Case Studies

IBQ embraces electronic payments and increases STP rate to over 99%

ibq has increased its straight-through processing (STP) rate for payments in Euros to more than 99% thanks to the high degree of automation delivered by FusionBanking Payment Manager. Read here to see more on why the bank selected Misys FusionBanking Payment Manager as the strategic platform for its transformation programme.

SURA México consolidates multiple systems into one for greater efficiency

Afore SURA is bringing investment operations closer together than ever before with Misys FusionInvest. Read the case study to see how a holistic view of portfolios, products, positions and risk, along with powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, will help Afore SURA meet the most sophisticated regulatory requirements.

Grupo Financiero Interacciones triples trading volumes

Moving to the latest version of FusionCapital Kondor enabled Grupo Financiero Interacciones to respond rapidly and efficiently to client needs. Read the case study to find out how the group achieved a threefold increase in trading volumes, and reduced business risk.

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AFP Annual Conference 2015

Meet Misys at AFP 2015 where you can meet with over 6,500 treasury and finance professionals on October 18-21, 2015 at the AFP Annual Conference and find Solutions for a More Complex World.

CIAB Febraban 2015

CIAB Febraban 2015 will definitely define as a most valuable trade show and identify future growth opportunities for the financial and information technology area.

Global Derivatives: Trading and Risk Management Event 2015

Global Derivatives brings together senior practitioners from banks, asset managers, hedge funds, pension funds, proprietary trading firms, private equity firms, exchanges as well as academics and regulators to discuss the key issues facing quants all over the world.

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Press Releases

Misys announces winners of the 2015 APAC Technology Leadership Awards

At the Misys Asia Market Forum 2015, taking place this year in Hong Kong, industry leaders in financial services have been honoured at the 2015 Misys Technology Leadership Awards for the Asia Pacific region.

Myanmar’s Yoma Bank selects Misys for complete banking transformation

Yoma Bank of Myanmar has selected Misys FusionBanking Essence for a complete front-to-back transformation of its core banking system

Misys launches "BankTime" app for the Apple Watch

Misys today unveiled the first banking app prototype for the Apple Watch

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Mark Dodds from Rabobank talks about how Misys FusionCapital Kondor has been successful in serving the needs of forex traders in their front office

Listen to Mark Dodds, Head of Financial Markets Trading Systems at Rabobank discuss how Misys FusionCapital Kondor delivered a cost-effective, best-of-breed solution for the front office.

Early adopter Rabobank gains first mover advantage and technological edge

Listen to Mark Dodds, Head of Financial Markets Trading Systems at Rabobank talk about how Misys continued to build on their strategic partnership with the use of the Early Adopter programme from Misys Connect

Misys at FinovateEurope 2015

Watch Alex Kwiatkowski, Senior Marketing Strategist at Misys demonstrate Misys FusionBanking Essence Digital at Finnovate 2015.

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White Papers

PRMIA Survey – Uncovering the growing need for global limits management

Banks are under enormous pressure to comply with regulations surrounding limits management. Find out why.

The real great rotation

In a low yield environment demand for fixed income products was predicted to fall with global equities expected to pick up the slack. This was the so called great rotation that the experts predicted. However, evidence shows that investment managers have increased their fixed income allocations and are considering LDI strategies as they look to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Digital Banking: Five simple ways to make your customer feel special

The US retail banking market is fast paced and highly competitive. Consumers demand a cutting-edge experience. ‘Good enough’ is not good enough. How can you truly differentiate your online and mobile banking to really stand out in this crowded market?

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