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FusionBanking Essence Solution Overview

FusionBanking Essence Solution Overview

Discover more about the new FusionBanking Essence

National Australia Bank Uses FusionBanking Message Manager

NAB worked with Misys to successfully implement Misys Message Manager (MMM) and this has delivered against NAB's key goals.

Dan Roberts from Barclays Bank PLC talks about the growth in Trade Finance

Listen to Dan Roberts from Barclays talk about the challenges that banks are facing and the extent to which they can offer straight through processing and consistent processing experiences to their clients.


Has Online Banking lost the race?

As Finovate Spring approaches, my thoughts turn to what we can expect from the gathering. My most surprising observation has been that almost all of the cool and loud stuff is happening in the Mobile space. But what about the good old Online channel? Is anything happening there? Is it dying out or losing the race?

All grown up - Mobile Banking reaches the middle of the mainstream. So where now?

I have just read a fascinating report from ING. The key message for me is that mobile banking is now mainstream. But what else could be shaping the mobile market over the next few years?

Prototypes of banking apps for the Apple Watch

Apple will launch the Apple Watch on 24th April, and pre-orders are now being taken for the device which ranges in price from $349 to $17,000. With the technology giant’s move into wearables, how will (or could) the Apple Watch impact financial services?

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FusionBanking Insight Solution Insight

FusionBanking Insight Solution Insight

Read more information about FusionBanking Insight

FusionBanking Essence Islamic Solution Insight

FusionBanking Essence Islamic Solution Insight

FusionBanking Essence Islamic Solution Insight

FusionBanking Essence Teller Software Overview

FusionBanking Essence Teller Software Overview

Read more about FusionBanking Essence Teller

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Case Studies

Chang Hwa Commercial Bank boosts risk transparency and reporting

Chang Hwa Commercial Bank eliminates time-consuming data and pricing reconciliation tasks, using fully automated pricing libraries to manage the market risk process.

Siemens Bank speeds commercial lending time-to-market with Misys

By working closely with Finbridge and Misys, Siemens Bank has gained a robust, integrated platform that supports the bank as it continues to grow.

IBQ embraces electronic payments and increases STP rate to over 99%

ibq has increased its straight-through processing (STP) rate for payments in Euros to more than 99% thanks to the high degree of automation delivered by FusionBanking Payment Manager. Read here to see more on why the bank selected Misys FusionBanking Payment Manager as the strategic platform for its transformation programme.

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AFP Annual Conference 2015

Meet Misys at AFP 2015 where you can meet with over 6,500 treasury and finance professionals on October 18-21, 2015 at the AFP Annual Conference and find Solutions for a More Complex World.

CIAB Febraban 2015

CIAB Febraban 2015 will definitely define as a most valuable trade show and identify future growth opportunities for the financial and information technology area.

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Press Releases

Misys unlocks the potential of bank data with new in-memory analytics engine

Misys FusionBanking Insight allows banks to analyse customer and profitability data on any dimension, in real time

Misys launches ‘outside-in’ banking approach for Islamic banks

Misys FusionBanking Essence Islamic modernises banks’ operations around the needs of customers

Chang Hwa Commercial Bank and Misys win Asian Banker’s Market Risk Technology Implementation of the Year Award 2015

Chang Hwa Commercial Bank and its technology partner Misys have been named as winner for The Market Risk Technology Implementation of the Year Award 2015 during The Asian Banker Risk Management Awards Programme. The programme has been administered by The Asian Banker under its prestigious annual Business Achievement Awards programme.

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tcmpartners, InFusion Partner, Rafael Sainz interview with Misys

Listen to Rafael as he explains the benefits of being part of the Misys InFusion Partner Programme

ITC Infotech, InFusion Partner, Ravi Iyer interview with Misys

Listen to Ravi as he describes who ITC is and the value that the InFusion partner programme agreement between Misys & ITC brings to our mutual customers.

HCL, InFusion Partner, Suresh Sundaram interview with Misys

Listen to Suresh Sandaram as he explains the benefits of HCL being part of the Misys InFusion Partner Programme

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White Papers

PRMIA Survey – Uncovering the growing need for global limits management

Banks are under enormous pressure to comply with regulations surrounding limits management. Find out why.

The real great rotation

In a low yield environment demand for fixed income products was predicted to fall with global equities expected to pick up the slack. This was the so called great rotation that the experts predicted. However, evidence shows that investment managers have increased their fixed income allocations and are considering LDI strategies as they look to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Digital Banking: Five simple ways to make your customer feel special

The US retail banking market is fast paced and highly competitive. Consumers demand a cutting-edge experience. ‘Good enough’ is not good enough. How can you truly differentiate your online and mobile banking to really stand out in this crowded market?

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