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The Future of Finance

Could This Be the End of Manual Processing?

Reducing risk is at the top of the wish list when it comes to handling straight-through processing.

But the icing on the cake would be a single platform for lending solutions that would also considerably reduce total cost of ownership and gain significant improvements in operational efficiency.

That is precisely what can be achieved with Misys' Loan IQ.

This powerful platform allows users to reduce or eliminate manual processes. This improves risk management and regulatory compliance by using real-time exposure reporting across a number of lending scenarios.

By offering a single view of all lending lines, businesses will be able to improve their operations and satisfy customer demand for transparency. Plus, it will also help make future compliance issues easier to deal with.

Used in over 60 worldwide businesses - including leading global financial institutions - Misys' Loan IQ processes more than half the world's loan trades and one third of the world's syndicated loans.

This post was written by Sally Ormond.

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