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Cronos Consultants Group Limited

Cronos Consultants Group Limited is an independent management consultancy firm that specialises in system implementation and integration, infrastructure services, and business process management exclusively for the financial services industry. With unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities across capital markets, wealth management and banking, we are at the forefront of the issues facing global market leaders today.

Our team’s deep industry knowledge, technical acumen and passion for innovation support us in delivering ground breaking technology-based solutions globally through the Misys FusionCapital and FusionInvest solutions. As a Misys partner, we act as the client’s trusted advisor on technology strategy, infrastructure design and implementation, risk management, trends and best practices, as well as alleviate the pressures of remaining in compliance in an environment of increasing regulation.

Our experience, scope, and methodological approach allow us to address problems that no other firm can. Working with our clients on their most challenging issues requires deep industry and functional expertise; we invest significant resources in continually developing a knowledge base that offers unique perspectives to our clients and equips them to face tomorrow’s challenges and exploit future opportunities.