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Misys BankFusion Midas

BankFusion Midas enables new business applications to be deployed with unprecedented speed and agility.

Misys has more than thirty years' experience in delivering the most widely-used core banking solutions. BankFusion Midas is a solution that covers a broad range of banking needs. Based on the new BankFusion platform, BankFusion Midas represents the latest evolution of the solution, providing banks with unprecedented opportunities to add flexibility and new products based on the very latest technologies and standards.

More than a simple refresh of the existing system, BankFusion Midas offers distinct operational and business advantages, such as:

  • The ability to launch new products and services quickly
  • The agility to respond rapidly to changes in the marketplace, with a reduced turnaround time for changes to processes and products
  • Reduced operational cost through increased efficiency, a code-generating feature that complies with Midas standards, plus greater standardisation and automation
  • Reduced risk and greater governance, without removing the standards and processes already in place

By bringing the latest technology and practice to Midas, BankFusion Midas will take banks into a new era of processing.

Each Midas customer will benefit from new applications, the faster delivery of new solutions and the flexibility to customize applications and integrate systems more closely than ever before.

Overview: Technical Specifications

  • BankFusion provides a future-proof operational and developmental platform, based on the latest technology and utilising a workbench environment, which allows the easy and rapid development of new banking services.
  • The new BankFusion Midas solution delivers a customer-centric system, with an unprecedented opportunity to customise functions and workflows via the workbench, so they match requirements and practices more closely.
  • For the Midas user, this brings the ability to provide and deploy new functions rapidly, all tailored to the bank's requirements, whilst at the same time reducing the risk of reconciliation issues with other systems.





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