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Misys Message Manager

Misys Message Manager is the future of financial messaging; an advanced, thin client, standards-based, Java EE application covering the financial institution's every messaging requirement.

As a single central platform, Message Manager is used by banks to remove silos, modernize and protect legacy applications and to implement new solutions fast. It has been shown to reduce time to market for new developments; control costs and help banks adapt quickly to regulatory and market changes.


With over 25 years as a SWIFT partner, Misys is one of the world's largest generators of SWIFT messages, from more than 1,000 sites worldwide; and Message Manager is SWIFTReady EAI 2011 accredited.

The solution can be deployed tactically, to meet a specific service requirement ( SWIFTNet FileAct, for instance), or strategically, as a global messaging hub supporting multiple sites, time zones, applications, networks and standards.


  • Full multi-entity, multi-language, multi-currency and international environment
  • Message standards supported include SWIFT FIN (MT), ISO 15022, ISO 20022 (MX), XML, FATF, SEPA, Target2, STEP2, HK RTGS and other CSMs
  • Message generation and transformation
  • Message validation including all SWIFT MT messages, validation rules and MX schemas
  • User definable message routing and workflow
  • Message storage, archive and audit
  • User definable message enquires and reporting
  • Message input, modify andrRepair via full message definition or templates
  • Message authorization and verification on a '2 eyes' or '4 eyes' basis
  • Message transmission and delivery via InterAct, FileAct, FIN, MQSA, MQ, Files, Sockets, JDBC, JMS, HTTP and email
  • Message monitoring, status tracking and alerting, including SWIFT ACK/NACK and PAN/NAN support
  • Connectivity to SWIFT CBTs including Alliance, Sungard MINT, IBM Merva, LogicaCMG BESS

Technical Specifications

  • Message Manager has been built on the latest Java EE / thin-client, standards-based technology. Highly scalable and resilient, Message Manager can be deployed on a wide range of platforms including Windows, UNIX (Solaris, AIX), IBM System z and IBM System i. The database can be implemented on SQL Server, Oracle and DB2.
  • User access to the system is through true thin client (browser-based) screens, which means 'zero' time to deploy to users globally. The thin client screens are dynamically driven by meta data to facilitate the central management of changes to standards and business processes globally, without costly upgrades.


"Using Misys Message Manager, we achieved in four days what had previously taken our development staff four months to build"

Absa Group Sean Mouton, Sector CIO




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