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Misys SWIFTNet Service Bureau

Many businesses have multiple bank relationships and multiple e-banking services. The management of transactions and accounts through each of these banks' proprietary electronic banking services may be straightforward but it becomes more complicated with every banking relationship added. It's not just the inconvenience of having to access multiple systems, each with their own log-on accounts, navigation quirks and rules, but also the difficulty of quickly switching or adding new banks when circumstances change. The SWIFTNet Service Bureau provides businesses a single interface with all banking relationships, removing the need to connect separately via multiple e-banking services.

But direct access to the SWIFT network requires a significant investment from businesses wishing to join. This upfront investment includes having to employ SWIFT-certified technical resources, as well as acquiring the additional dedicated hardware and software infrastructure needed. Ongoing costs are incurred every time SWIFT changes need to be implemented; and these are normally an annual occurrence. Outsourcing SWIFT connectivity to the SWIFTNet Service Bureau means that these costs can be saved and the complexity of maintaining an in-house SWIFT gateway can be avoided. Businesses opting for the SWIFTNet Service Bureau will also benefit from decades of experience as the largest non-bank SWIFT member.

In addition to interfacing with external Treasury Management Systems, the SWIFTNet Service Bureau also integrates with other key solutions such as CMS, Trade Portal, Cash Portal, Payment Manager, Opics Plus and BankFusion.  It can support most banking services and will deliver significant cost savings through outsourced SWIFT connectivity.




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