Misys FusionBanking Loan IQ is the world’s leading solution for servicing commercial loans including: structured, project, syndicated, bilateral, asset based, commercial real estate, agricultural, Islamic and niche lending

Grow, optimise and automate commercial lending lines of business.

Misys FusionBanking Loan IQ alleviates high costs of system and process redundancy within commercial lending operations. But it also increases your transparency, improves risk management, provides customer insight and simplifies entry into new markets or business lines.

Many financial institutions dream of a global platform based on a single data model with common, scalable operational processes. FusionBanking Loan IQ helps institutions grow, optimise and automate their lending lines of business quickly and strategically. How? The single solution offers rich functionality at every stage of the loan lifecycle, from syndication and servicing to trading and settlement.

FusionBanking Loan IQ enables efficiency across lending operations, from complex, syndicated to high volume, bilateral lending. It promotes profitable growth by tightening control, delivering streamlined workflow and timelier, more accurate data.

Institutions that choose FusionBanking Loan IQ run more effective operations and can seize new business opportunities faster. FusionBanking Loan IQ offers you a proven path to success in loan management.

FusionBanking Loan IQ Software Overview

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FusionBanking Loan IQ Insights

End To End Commercial Lending – Getting Ahead Of The Game

Despite the fact that there is a clear difference in the way that institutions of all sizes manage their end to end lending processes one thing is common, there are a lot of disparate systems in pl...

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Consolidated Commercial Lending

Reducing the total cost of end-to-end support across commercial lending business lines; are you limiting the real potential of your project?

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Consolidated commercial lending - the real business case for unified commercial lending platforms

Specialist point systems are not the answer to the problem of cost-ineffective lending operations, they are the cause. A unified lending solution can do more than just cut costs however – it can mo...

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Reducing the total cost of end-to-end support across commercial lending business lines; are you limiting the real potential of your project?

There are a small number of systems capable of supporting the vision of the unified commercial lending platform although such a system is not a ‘magic bullet’; it can only satisfy the ambitions and...

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Case studies

We needed a partner that could support our systems consolidation initiative in order to fuel our super regional growth strategy. We selected FusionBanking Loan IQ because of its rich, tried-and tested and specialist financial services industry knowledge, rather than develop a system in-house or partner with other core system vendors in this instance.

Andrew Leithhead

Executive Director, Transformation Projects at ANZ

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