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Cross Asset Trading

Recent years have seen significant growth in cross-asset trading in treasury and capital markets; a development that has brought fixed income, equities, foreign exchange (FX), commodities, futures and options together with OTC derivatives and complex structured products, on one platform. Financial institutions can no longer treat these asset classes as distinct and separate businesses.

The changing competitive and regulatory landscape is forcing banks and other financial services providers to view their trading operations as a single, integrated global business. And this new business model highlights the need for cross-asset systems that handle the full front-to-back process from trading through to pricing, risk management, and back-office processes such as collateral/margin management and accounting.

Under the continued onslaught of regulatory demands (Dodd-Frank, European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) and Basel III) the use of spreadsheets and other manual processes to handle the more complex trades is no longer acceptable. Today's cross-asset users(global investment banks, regional banks, investment managers and hedge funds) need an integrated solution that can handle product complexities and changing demands; one that will help to streamline operations and provide a global, transparent and integrated view of all trading activity, so reducing market, credit, and operational risk.

Misys is the market leader in providing cross-asset, front-to-back systems for treasury, capital markets and buy-side institutions. It provides comprehensive coverage, including vanilla, OTC derivatives and cross-asset products. Misys' solutions are used by 19 of the top 20 global capital markets firms to handle their global processing, including central counterparty clearing (CCP), collateral management, and margining. These solutions have been designed to meet the trade management, analytics, straight-through-processing (STP) and reporting needs of global investment banks, regional banks, hedge funds and asset managers

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