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Retail channels - competing and cannibalising?

Over the years, banks have built up the range of functionality in each of their multiple channels to deliver the best possible customer experience: delivering 'multi-channel banking'. In reality, this approach has not only hindered the customer experience, but in some cases, it has also resulted in conflicting competition between banking staff in the various channels.

Posted by Alex Bray at 10:25
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The truth about PFM

In its early days PFM (Personal Finance Management) didn't receive much attention from the market. Then, after’s success, PFM was resurrected. Many analysts and digital channel managers believed that PFM was the next big thing in online banking and that it would be adopted by banks in a very short time. Now in 2014 the reality is somewhat different – the bubble didn't burst, but it deflated a little.

Posted by Artak Vardanyan at 09:59
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End To End Commercial Lending – Getting Ahead Of The Game

Despite the fact that there is a clear difference in the way that institutions of all sizes manage their end to end lending processes one thing is common, there are a lot of disparate systems in play to manage lending from origination through to maturation.

Posted by Jessica Buhl at 17:14
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Mobile Banking First?

As more consumers are replacing their personal computers with their phones and tablets to conduct their daily banking activities, focusing on mobile and tablet applications that can support a broad spectrum of functionality and capabilities is a great place to start for any bank. How can banks successfully push the mobile offering to the front of their digital banking strategy?

Posted by Ahmed Khidhir at 16:01
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Is Social Media a Channel?

I see and hear this a lot nowadays - in presentations and conversations. To be honest, apart from the questionable grammar of the question, I think the answer is pretty simple - NO! But scratch away at that simple answer and a more interesting question lies beneath… Why do we need to define channels?

Posted at 09:36
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