Functional Overview

Course title
Functional Overview
5 Days


This course is in place to provide complete comprehension of the Fusion Banking Corporate Channels product.

This course is made up of 2 distinct modules: a 2-day functional product overview for Trade Services and 3-day functional product overview for Cash Portal.

By enrolling into this program, participants will be able to:

  • Perform product processing tasks on Trade Services in Misys Portal as a user at a client site

– Explain how to create a new transaction in Misys Portal
– Determine how to view, search, edit, and submit transactions
– Explain how trade finance transactions are processed in Misys Portal

  • Perform product processing tasks on Account and Cash Services in the Misys Portal as a user at a client site

– Manage company accounts and transactions through the Misys Portal
– Manage funds transfer and cash payments on the Misys Portal

  • Perform product processing tasks on Early Payment and Supply Chain Financing in Misys Portal as a user at the buyer or seller side or a user at the bank side

– Explain how to set up counterparties such as buyer or seller
– Explain step-by-step the Early Payment, Invoice Financing, Dealer Financing processing flows
– Explain how to set up alerts for chosen milestones, such as due date for payment of invoice or repayment of a financed amount

For our associated Partners, we can also offer students the opportunity to attain the Misys Certified Associate certification via the exam and assessment tool; delivered upon successful completion of the training.

This course can be delivered either remotely or classroom based.


  • Trade Services Knowledge

Course Agenda

FusionBanking Corporate Channels - Trade Portal Curriculum V5.2  (Functional)

  • Bank Administration and Bank System Features
  • Client Administration and Client System Features
  • Client Product Processing (Trade Services)
  • Bank Product Processing (Trade Services)

FusionBanking Corporate Channels - Early Payment and Supply Chain Financing

FusionBanking Corporate Channels - Cash Portal Curriculum V5.2 (Functional)

  • Cash Services Functions
  • Funds Transfer
  • FT Inquiry
  • Remittance
  • Bulk Services
  • Account Services

What's included

Course includes all training presentation materials, trainee workbooks and hands-on exercises. The exercises will be on live systems, through Misys Academy Labs.

Delivery dates

  • Feb 20, Jun 5, Aug 14, Nov 6