FusionFabric Connect Introduction

Course title
FusionFabric Connect Introduction
3 days


To enable users on FusionFabric Connect Introduction.

The course will be delivered in class.


  • General understanding of integration technologies: JSON, XML, REST, FTP, JMS, IBM MQ (high-level)

  • Basic familiarity with the Groovy language

  • Users are expected to provide their own laptop during the course. Windows OS is assumed. The laptop should have at least 8GB RAM and 2GB disk space available

Course Agenda

  • Welcome
  • Introduction and Overview
  • Installation of FFC
  • Creating custom FFC-based interfaces:
    a.  Core concepts
    b. An example
    c. Understanding Messages
    d. Data Mapping
    e. Message Routing
    f. Understanding Message Statuses
  • Monitoring & Managing FFC
  • Standard FFC usage patterns
    a. Working with integration technologies
    b. E.g. Databases, JMS, REST,Web Services, Files

Hands-on practice will be used throughout the course

What's included

This course includes all training presentation materials including with proposed hands-on exercises. Hands-on practice will be used throughout the course to ensure the attendees gain a practical understanding of FFC.

Participants will be able to practice on live systems, through Misys Academy Labs.

Delivery dates

21st Aug in Manila

2nd Oct in Bucharest

4th Dec in Paddington