Mid-year review: Investment banks and the disruption within

20th July 2017 15:00 BST - 20th July 2017 16:00 BST

It might still seem to be a glacial pace to some observers but there are signs that investment banks are beginning to understand the importance of adopting a strategic approach to IT transformation. And some are even putting it into practice. Part of this is down to seeing what works, with results from the big US banks now outperforming their European counterparts after most of them used the past few years to both re-capitalise balance sheets and restructure IT operations in order to become less of a drain on resources, and better able to meet current and future demands.

What to Expect

In addition, there does seem to be a recognition that repeated ad-hoc, tactical, and isolated responses to demands for enhanced IT capability is only adding to complexity, costs, and longer-term problems. Perhaps it is that the message about regtech is getting through and that new IT investment to be compliant with new rules can also be leveraged and deployed to wider business benefit. Perhaps the penny has dropped that a strategic plan to tackle regulations as whole rather than piecemeal might be more sensible. Or perhaps the accountants finally got involved…


At this mid-year point, there is finally evidence of a shift in attitudes if not yet widespread working practices. Costs, compliance, competition, and capital are still the key drivers for businesses, with investment in automation, data aggregation, analytics, AI and machine learning, and vendor consolidation the key solutions being deployed to resolve them.


Join us on July 20 to look at how all these are being applied across transaction lifecycles to improve efficiencies, comply with regulations, protect against fraud, and improve customer service as wells as discover what might be hiding around the next corner.